About Adrian

Adrian’s family has been in business on Miami Beach for over four decades, ever since his parents fled Cuba to build a better life in the United States and took a chance on the American dream. Their local family restaurant, David’s Café, was a fixture of the community for generations. Adrian has followed his parents’ legacy by expanding the family business and is now creating the evolution of his family’s traditional Cuban restaurant by bringing the flavor to different genres in the form of Cafecito Pop-Ups. He is the proud owner of the new David’s Café popup at the Shelbourne Hotel.

Adrian Gonzalez is a Miami Beach homegrown candidate – raised, educated, and now a second-generation, small business owner in the city he loves. Adrian is a devoted husband to his wife, Laura, and the proud father of two wonderful boys, Dylan and Theo.

Apart from his loving family, nothing has contributed more to Adrian’s character and identity than Miami Beach. This city has been instrumental in who Adrian is as a person. Now, he is running for the Miami Beach City Commission to give back to a community that has inspired him. Every day, Adrian is driven by his commitment to improving the quality of life for the residents of Miami Beach and is focused on taking steps to see it through.

Please learn more about Adrian Gonzalez: his priorities, leadership, and vision for Miami Beach’s present and future, and commit to a better Miami Beach by voting for him in this upcoming election.

Community Involvement & Leadership

  • Current Miami Beach Marine and Waterfront Protection Authority Board Member
  • Current Elected President of Lakeview HOA
  • Former President of the Lincoln Road Mercantile Association
  • Miami Beach Visitor and Convention Authority
  • Miami Beach Transportation and Parking Board
  • Past President of The Sails Condo HOA
  • Founder of the AG Youth Hospitality Project


  • Attended Miami Dade College
  • Attended Tallahassee Community College
  • Miami Beach High School, Class of 1992
  • St. Joseph’s Catholic School
  • Biscayne Elementary School


Improving and Maintain a Positive Quality of Life for Residents

  • Vigorously protect the rights of all of Miami Beach’s diverse populations.
  • Oppose development projects that further increase traffic and our quality of life.
  • Support the city’s historic preservation efforts while respecting private property rights.
  • Make the city safer for residents and tourists once again to step outside without feeling unsafe.

Addressing Flooding and Sea Level Rise

  • Prioritize investments into infrastructure and flood prevention plans to keep the city dry while protecting homeowners’ and business owners’ property values.
  • Ensure that the city budget is sufficient to invest in improving our flood control and infrastructure.
  • Support green initiatives at the municipal level to do our part to try and reverse humanity’s impact on global warming.

Combating Traffic and Diversifying Local Transportation Options

  • Keep and maintain our local trolleys and interconnect them from North to South.
  • Oppose development that increases traffic impact and adversely affects residents' quality of life.
  • Support innovative modes of transportation connecting Miami Beach to the mainland.
  • Support enhanced operation of Uber and Lyft – Miami Beach needs alternative and modern transportation options.

Education Innovation

  • Strong schools make Miami Beach an all-around great and attractive place to live.
  • Although education is a state and school board responsibility, the city must find innovative ways to encourage excellence in Miami Beach schools and make up for shortfalls in vision and creativity at the state and county level.
  • As commissioner, Adrian will explore ways to partner with local government and businesses to improve local schools

Demand More Transparency and Accountability in City Hall

  • Provide proper fiscal oversight and protect taxpayer money.
  • Maintain a proper City millage rate so that residents receive high quality services for the taxes and fees they pay.
  • Make sure that City pensions are fiscally sustainable, remain affordable for the taxpayers in the long term, and are fair for public employees that provide services.

Making our City Safe and Fighting Crime

  • Increase police presence throughout the community but especially in problem areas..
  • Dedicate funding in the city budget to ensure the police department has the necessary funds.
  • Institute a community policing model where police officers build relationships in the communities they patrol which helps build trust and familiarity with neighborhoods.
  • Create a crime advisory board comprised of police department leadership, elected leaders, residents, and businesses to find solutions to the criminal activity taking place in our communities..

Campaign Resources


GENERAL, November 2nd | RUN-OFF, November 16th

Visit the Miami-Dade County Election Website for information on voter registration, locations to register, voting options, voting locations, key dates to remember for upcoming elections, and much more. The Elections Department is here to serve you! Please do not hesitate to email the Elections Department with your questions and suggestions, or call 3-1-1 for additional information.

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